Education Reform

Our education system is in shambles. Scores throughout the State are trending downward. Yet, the incumbent Senator has been the Chair of the Education Committee. There is no excuse for this. Minnesota deserves better, our kids deserve better.

(click on picture for more info) Economic Improvement

Minnesota ranks in the top 5 States for taxing its residents.  Government accountability and responsible spending is what is required from our Legislative Officials.  Families can't spend more than they have, why should our Government?  

Support for LEO, Fire, EMS & Vets

We need to provide all of the training and tools for our Police, Firefighters, and EMS workers so that they can provide the best and most efficient service for the residents they protect and serve. And our Veterans who have served to provide us our Freedoms need to receive the best care available.

Other Important Topics

2nd Amendment

We need to protect the Constitutional Amendments that our forefathers intended.  This includes our right to bear arms.  Additionally, making sure that our hunters and fishers also have the resources available.


Our traffic congestion is ridiculous.  We need to ensure that the taxes received from gas and license fees go towards the expansion and maintenance of our roads and infrastructure.  We need to have responsible spending so that our roads are expanding along with the traffic.  


Minnesota has so many beautiful resources that we need to protect.  This means ensuring that proper research is done prior to building around our lakes.  It also means providing the necessary tools and resources so that we protect our landscapes.

Health & Welfare

We need to start taking care of Minnesotans.  We have too many homeless Veterans, and others that do not deserve to sleep in the streets.  Our plan introduces cost effective living conditions, along with job seeking resources to help get people back on their feet.  Everyone deserves to be successful.

1st Amendment

I fully believe in people's rights for speech and religion.  Allowing peaceful protests is within the constitution. However, like all of our plans, accountability is a huge key to its success  or failure. We will ensure that the tools and resources are available for all persons. 

Opioid & Narcotic Dependency

Stopping the Opioid Issue

Today, we face a growing concern over the opiod epedemic in our Country and State.  We can fix this problem by limiting the grip of pharmaceutical companies and allowing doctors to utilize all sources of pain mediation including medical cannabis.  Although this may be a touchy subject for Conservatives in general, we can and will look at ways to protect Minnesotans while providing better medical resources.